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Tubular solenoid

Open Frame solenoid

Low Profile solenoid

Hinged Clapper solenoid

Latching solenoid

Rotary solenoid

Magnetic Sensor Systemsí extensive line of several types of solenoids provides high force and torque products for variety of applications.

These solenoids are ideal for industrial applications where long life and high reliability are needed. They utilize low friction actuators and bearing material to support very long-life applications with tens of millions of actuation cycles.

Linear solenoids are available in a variety of sizes in both push and pull configurations. Rotary solenoids are available in clockwise and counterclockwise options in a variety of sizes and shaft configurations.

Latching solenoids are available in bidirectional as well as unidirectional options. They utilize permanent magnets which allow them to maintain the locked position with no steady state power consumption once the power is removed.

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